It's midnight and the embargo is thrown in the dust, might as well tell you what I thought about "Deadpool." Deadpool is is a whole different beast and a far sharper film than we could have expected. First of all it's rated R, a rare occurrence these days for a superhero film, and it sure does earn its rating, in fact just barely missing NC-17 territory. It's that violent. No complaints from me. I appreciated the meta vibe and it skillfully juggled the jokes and the action scenes in such a refreshing way.

This is by no means a great movie, but there's something to be said about a superhero movie that doesn't play by the rules, I really hope this becomes a hit because maybe we'll be getting more of these types of genre exercises and Reynolds is such a perfect fit, he embodies the spirit of the character he is playing. Some of the stuff here reminded me a lot of the underrated "Punisher" movie that came out in 2004, universally panned, but boy was it a thrilling no holds-barred product of some sick twisted imagination. Counter-programming to the claptrap we seem to be getting on a monthly basis. If anything, "Deadpool" and "The Punisher" are the kinds of rebellious antidotes to the repetitive numbing of cinema.

It's an auspicious feature length debut for director Tim Miller. He's known as an opening credits CGI whiz, and you can definitely see the flair he has for all these nifty little effects tricks he's learned from his past gig. The action in "Deadpool" is slick in a "how cruelly twisted and slick can we make this character die" kind of way.  Suffice to say that as far as February releases go, you could do a lot worse than this one. It entertains and I don't think the word boring should ever be applied to this film.