Bernie and Hilary

I'm pretty sick and tired of Hilary Clinton supporters still trying to blame Sanders and the supposed "SandersBros" for her unwitting downfall. Guess what? Sanders isn't responsible for it, his supporters aren't either. Hilary shot herself in the foot, fair and square. Would I vote for Hilary if she gets the nomination? of course, why wouldn't I? Any sensible "Democrat" person would as well. Yes, Bernie is getting the young vote and yes they might not vote for Hilary, but guess what? She's getting all the female votes and they might not Sanders it up as well just to spite. We live in an unfair world, one filled with a PC police that slowly but surely is starting to rattle the wrong crowds. Feminists are going crazy over the Hilary backlash,  the idiotic #Oscarssowhite movement is happening etc. Funny thing is, people are complaining about the Sanders camp taking jabs at Hilary, well guess what? I can remember her taking jabs at him at the very beginning and him not replying back. People were wondering why he wasn't, she was dissing the poor guy, and it took MONTHS before he finally answered back. Now that he is, the race has gotten tighter. I'm not a Hilary hater in the least bit, and I find she would be a great president, but seriously man up and face the consequences, if you start an argument, finish it. May the best person win and this is surely to be continued.


It is in fact worse than I thought it would be. Sometimes I'm glad that I don't need to review every film that I see.