what is coming up? pt1 "The Imitation Game"

Now that the year is coming to a close and you will all be preparing your top ten lists and predictions for upcoming awards season, I just wanted to give you the heads up on a few gems that are about to open up in limited or wide release. There are two weeks left to November and we are about to see the opening of what many are calling the front runner for Best Picture Morton Tyldum's The Imitation Game- a conventional yet sometimes exciting drama about Alan Turin, a British man that singlehandedly cracked the enigma code in WWII and was partly responsible for the end of that war. The best scenes revolve around Alan et co. trying to crack the code, the worst scenes are flashbacks of a younger Turin wrestling with his sexuality as a homosexual in an all boys covenant. Benedict Cumberbacth is phenomenal in the title role and deserves to get nominated even if he's just playing Benedict Cumberbatch circa WWII. It's a mixed package but these kind of movies are what the academy loves best -The King's Speech anybody?- and The Imitation Game is in fact a good movie but it isn't even close to being the best of the year.