Jesse Konter's Top 10 of 2013

1. The Conjuring An instant horror classic. I had the liberty to catch the premiere here at fantasia film festival and I left the theatre with a overpowering ad overwhelming sense of uneasiness and foreboding. Lily Tomlin is phenomenal and its so fun and frightening to see her go mad. James Wan has made his horror masterpiece.

2. 12 years a slave
Steve McQueen is killing it. Obviously a lot of hype around this best picture Oscar winner. Just a superbly executed story that needed to be told. Fantastic use of sound on the score. (take notice during the boat scene).

3. The Spectacular Now
I love movies about troubled youths. This film is one of the best in years. It is spot on with the emotional depth of the characters. The two leads are fantastic, great chemistry. More very solid independent cinema.

4. American Hustle
David O. Russell has made his New York City/New Jersey crime classic. Although it does owe at least a nod and some stylistic elements to Martin Scorcese, it stands on its own as a classic NYC crime film. Christian Bale is captivating and he really nailed the voice of a New Yorker named Irving.

5. Nebraska Alexander Payne's latest is a black and white majestic wide angle view of the midwest. This film has all the usual existential angst and dark humor of payne, (pun intended). I am a big Bruce Dern fan but the entire cast is excellent. The mother character steals the show, I laughed out loud at literally everything she says.

6. Renoir
Normally I am not huge on biopics but this film is not only gorgeous but captures french rural life during WW1 superbly. The story deals with Pierre-Auguste Renoir the master painter in his golden years and his son Jean, the master filmmaker who returns home as a wounded soldier. Must see for any art or film buffs.

7. Inside Llewyn Davis
A minor work in The Coen's oeuvre but minor work from geniuses is still genius. Great live musical performances from Oscar Issac who acts in the lead as a struggling folk singer in greenwich village during the 1960's. Even if you don't like folk music you will enjoy the soundtrack. T-Bone Burnett never disappoints (just think O Brother Where Art Thou.)
Honorable mentions: Wrong Cops, Her, The Way Way Back.

8. Blue jasmine
Woody Allen's latest drama film shot in san Francisco. Cate Blanchett (who nabbed the oscar) and Sally Hawkins are great as usual. Andrew Dice Clay and Louis C.K are both surprisingly effective in non comedic roles. Great acting and great script, Woody' still got it.

9. This is the End Just when I was getting really sick of all those dudes. They nailed it. I love how the first thing they do is go to Carls Jr though full disclosure; I am partial to In and Out burger(Animal style!). Danny McBride is hilarious as a cannibal pimp. Definitely my favorite ending to a film this year.

10. Don Jon Impressive directorial debut film from Joseph Gordon Levitt. Internet porn addiciton...we've all been there, oh wait wrong blog. Basically you can't go wrong with Tony Danza as a lower middle class New Jersey dad, classic! Very solid independent cinema

By Jesse Konter