Gabby Hoffmann in "Crystal Fairy And The Magical Cactus"

Gabby Hoffmann is so god damn good in Crystal Fairy And The Magical Cactus. Directed By Sebastian Silva, who also made the equally good Magic Magic earlier in the year, the film is one a kind and wholly original. Gabby Hoffmann is stunning in it. She is remarkable in every scene she's in as a free spiritied, zen-like woman who embarks on a road trip with 4 guys who are looking for the San Pedro psychedelic cactus in Chile. We've all met someone like Hoffmann's Crystal Fairy -yea that's her name- and the details she brings to her performance are really just remarkable. Same goes for director Silva who has made a film that deserves cult status in the years to come.

Jamie, as played by a neurotic and aggressive Michael Cera, is a coked-up drug enthusiast that just wants to find the cactus and scratch it off his bucket list. When Crystal Fairy abuptly embarks on his road trip with the guys tension ensues and the mission is almost scratched off. Cera and Hoffmann go at each other head on, Jamie is a nervous wreck meanwhile Crystal Fairy is at peace with herself and demands that Jamie just relax and let the moment seep in. A last minute reveal at film's end wasn't necessary but the rest of the film is incredibly real, all due to Hoffmann's elegant portrayal of hippy personified. In a year of great actresses giving amazing performances (Adele! Blanchett! Gerwig! Delpy!) Hoffmann deserves to be on the short list. Her performance is built to last,