List of the day; Best comedies of the last 15 years

I'm talking side splittingly hilarious stuff. Not great movies that happen to be comedies mixed with drama ala Sideways and High Fidelity. Those movies have more going on for them than just laughs. Compared to the films below that just want to make you piss your pants.

(1) Borat
(2) There's something about mary
(3) The 40 Year Old Virgin
(4) Superbad
(5) Little Miss Sunshine
(6) Meet The Parents
(7) Bridesmaids
(8) 21 Jump Street
(9) Bad Santa
(10) Old School
(11) This Is The End
(12) South Park: Bigger, Longer And Uncut
(13) The Spy Who Shagged Me
(14) Shanghai Noon
(15) Dodgeball
(16) School Of Rock
(17) Pineapple Express
(18) Ricky Bobby
(19) The Simpsons Movie
(20) Team America: World Police