Post-Oscar bashing

It's not always fun to watch the Oscars, one would even call it a frustrating experience.What with all the infuriating choices they pick year by year. Remember when Crash won Best Picture in 2006? Or Goodfellas getting beaten by -wait for it- Dances With Wolves. Ahh yes, the Academy Awards .. the same organization that has never given an Oscar to Alfred Hitchcock or Stanley Kubrick and waited a whole 35 years before giving Best Director to our greatest living filmmaker Martin Scorsese. The same Academy that never gave a Best Picture nomination to such classics as Do The Right ThingThe Player, Leaving Las Vegas, Breaking The Waves, The Truman Show, Being John Malkovich, Fight Club, Mulholland Drive, Memento, Eternal Sunshine, A History Of Violence, Children Of Men, The Dark Knight, The Wrestler, Black SwanDrive and -most recently- The Master  ... And that's just the last 25 years of cinema. Imagine the other 75. You get what I'm saying, this is a race infused with political bullshit and it's not may the best picture win but may the best campaign come out on top. This is how it went down this year and how it should have really went down.

Best Picture
who won? Argo .. grrr
Who shoulda won? The Master ..not even nominated

Best Director
Who Won? Ang Lee Life Of Pi
Who shoulda won? Paul Thomas Anderson The Master .. not even nominated

Best Actor
Who Won? Daniel Day Lewis Lincoln
Who shoulda Won? Joaquin Pheonix The Master

Best Actress
Who Won? Jennifer Lawrence Silver Linings Playbook
Who shoulda won? Jessica Chastain Zero Dark Thirty

Best Supporting Actor
Who won? Christoph Waltz  Django Unchained
Who shoulda won? Samuel L Jackon Django Unchained or Matthew McConaughey Magic Mike .. both not even nominated

Best Supporting Actress
Who won? Anne Hattaway Les Miserables
Who shoulda won? Anne Dowd Compliance .. not even nominated