"The Avengers" (Just a note)


It's not hard to see why Fanboys everywhere are creaming their pants at the recent summer blockbuster The Avengers. It has almost all -no Spidey- of the popular Marvel comic book heroes and is directed by Serenity and Buffy The Vampire Slayer creator Josh Whedon. Whedon is much loved by fanboys worldwide because of his mucho popular stamp on horror and science fiction. I don't buy it. Never been a big Whedon fan and after having seen The Avengers, I sure am not now. Bash me all you want but The Avengers lacks the realist bite of The Dark Knight and the great action of Spiderman 2. Instead it relies on its impressive list of characters to support a story that is as thin as paper. Now don't get me wrong, there were times during the movie -such as the mid-way half hour action sequence on the plane- where my palms were getting sweaty and I literally was at the edge of my seat but there weren't enough moments like that one to fully sustain my appreciation for the film. People calling this 600 million dollar box office monster anything else but dispensable entertainment are out of their minds, If Whedon's film does not take itself so seriously then why should we? Its 8.6/10 rating on IMDB is also ludicrous and a bit too much for this film fan, who's seen better stuff done with this kind of genre at a much lower budget (Kick Ass? Iron Man? The Incredibles?). Well just look at me, ranting on and on about this much hyped about film yet this is going nowhere, you will likely stumble upon another Avengers fan on the street that will spill his undying love for this empty, recyclable movie. Love can be blind after all. Bring on The Dark Knight Rises.