"The Master" trailer introduced

Now if this isn't your most anticipated movie of 2012 then this blog is just not for you. No true movie buff would dare miss Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master. Following up his intricate 2007 masterpiece There Will Be Blood, Anderson tackles another heavy subject. Religion. Oh boy this is surely going to offend religious zeitgeists but hell I don't care and neither should you. From what we can gather in this trailer, Anderson is taking on Scientology and its creator Ron L Hubbard. The lighting, music, camera shots all look top notch and so does Philip Seymour Hoffman as the Hubbard-like figure and Joaquin Phoenix as the master's protege. Click the link above only if you dare.

As for Anderson, what more can you say. He's proven over the years his worth and talent. which got me thinking about ranking his films in terms of quality. Anderson is right up there with the best American filmmakers working today. I'd put him on top of a list that includes David Fincher, Darren Aronofsky, Wes Anderson, Joel Coen, Alexander Payne and Christopher Nolan. P.T has only made phenomenal pictures in his career -mixing ambitious ideas with incredibly Altman-esque/Scorsese storytelling- and The Master will look to continue his winning streak.

1) There Will Be Blood
2) Magnolia
3) Boogie Nights
4) Punch-Drunk Love