"Headhunters" brings the buzz

Headhunters is a Norwegian thriller that will make your head spin faster than a pop of ecstacy in the mouth.  We first meet Roger Brown - a solid Aksel Hennie.  During the day Roger is a top notch go-to headhunter for the rich and during the night a forging high art burglar. You see, Roger is actually close to going bankrupt and he wouldn't even dare say it to his hot, blonde, tall wife Lotte whom he thinks married him just for his millions. The plot thickens as Clas Greve is introduced to us via charm and charisma. Greve is a millionaire himself, having invented the GPS system in holland and basking in the riches of his invention. He owns a piece of high art at his new apartment that could be worth more than 100 million bucks. Brown sees this as an opportunity to commit the perfect heist yet he gets more than he bargains for in the process. I won't spoil anything else for you except to say that Headhunters - directed with sly wit by Morten Tyldum - bites more than it can chew and overloads on subplots near its closing. Its disappointing second half can't match its sexy, hypnotic first half. Nevertheless this is more than solid entertainment if you are capable to suspend your disbelief.