Charlize Theron in "Young Adult"

Theron -beyond her attractive looks- is a great actress. You don't believe me? check out her crazy as fuck performance acting out serial killer Aileen Wuronis' devilish insides in 2003's Monster or her more tamer -but nonetheless revelatory- performance in 2005's North Country. Like it or not she's a real treat to watch when she actually accepts a challenge, such as in her latest picture Jason Reitman's Young Adult, which I must say is really not that interesting a picture safe for Theron and her co star Patton Oswalt's likeably ballsy performances. My eyes were all over Theron as her gestures and facial expressions did wonders on a not-so good screenplay by the overrated Diablo Cody. The Academy Awards stupidly neglected her in the Best Actress category, yet another reason to diss the Oscars.