Best of 2011 (so far) ...

Pretty average year thus far but some great ones still to come out within the next few weeks .. months? Anyways I'm counting on it cause I don't even think half of these belong on an annual ten best list. Here's what stuck with me so far this year

Tree of life
Malick. What else can you say. An experience, a frustration, a poem, a trip and a sense of wonder in its soaring -almost too good to be true- images.

Just beautifully shot and gripping in many spots. A review to come in the next week or so. Director Nicholas Winding Refn is an interesting fella.

Yea yea yea I know this already made my top ten list last year but it actully got released in the states this year, so I'm counting it in + it's just really damn great.

Source Code
It ain't perfect but wholly original and interesting til a botched finale. Duncan Jones is the real deal.

Midnight In Paris
Woody Allen toasts Paris in a fluffy, breezy romantic comedy. The movie hits a high during its middle.

Certified Copy
An ambiguous film that really embraces its ambiguousness + a great performance from Julliette Binoche. Maddening as hell.

The Lincoln Laywer
What can I say, I'm a sucker for Legal dramas and this one comes from a solid source material - a good book.

Uncle Boonnmee
Talk about maddening -I guess I like those kind of films- here's a Thai film that really demands attention and requires conversation afterwards.

I'll get some heat for this one but what can I say, it worked its craziness on me & Bradley Cooper was not annoying in any way.

Just really fun and refreshing to see a comedy with female soul and heart + these chicks really outranked those Hangover guys this summer in terms of raunch.

Super 8
Didn't really like the ending but its first 2/3 are pure Spielberg-influenced movie magic + has a great train wreck scene.