Limitless (PG-13) ★★★

This movie kind of took me aback with its tripiness in prime display. In other words, I had an awesome double espresso shot before walking into the screening .. which made me relate to the main character's situation a little bit more (here played by Bradley Cooper). In essence we as human beings can safely only use 20 or 30 percent of our brain capacity, Cooper's bummed out loner writer takes an illegal drug that makes you use your brain in its entire capacity. Which I don't know about you, but truth be told in reality one would probably die of an aneurysm if such a drug existed and was taken(but who am I to look at plot holes etc.) Suffice to say the film is quite entertaining up to its last ten minutes or so when it tries to give a kind of extra satisfaction that I always hate in many mainstream movies these days. The rest of the film goes by in zip zap speed and is really just an interesting premise in a spring movie season filled with nothing but shit. The only stuff that hasn't been shit and well worth churning out your hard earned 12 or 13 bucks has been mostly foreign films that have not gotten any wide distribution around the country (Uncle Boonmee). Which leaves us with Neil Berger's Limitless which is as good a movie as you'll find in a mainstream movie house these days, which really isn't saying much but is nevertheless a reccomendation to go see this fast paced, intelligent psycho thriller.