She spits on your grave

If any one's seen the original I Spit On Your Grave from back in he 70s, you know just know how gruesome, exploitative and gory it was. So, much to that film's haters dismay, here's a remake of that film, which featured a 40 minute rape scene and the victim taking brutal, bloody revenge on her attackers (and by brutal, bloody I really mean it). This remake directed by Steven R. Monroe has all the exploitative fever of the original and then some. The only thing that got tamed was the rape scene, which lasts 10 minute less but is just as unbearable to watch as the original. The revenge this time is more brutal and more inventive in its bloody celebration of -well- revenge. You see, what some critics are missing out with this one in their negatively written reviews is the fact that this is exploitation cinema with a certain kind of intrigue to it.

That intrigue is simple; how far is too far when you try to avenge a deranged act (rape) and how low would you go to attain the level of your very own attacker? What the main female victim is avenging is in fact the loss of her dignity and identity- it was stolen with the rape and she knows that she has nothing to lose at her disposal, because quite frankly she sees no reason to live without an identity. Am I siding with her and the criminal activity she does in the film? I believe so and quite frankly these thugs just had it coming. Call it what you want but I Spit On Your Grave was a tremendously entertaining exploitation film, hard to watch but never without interest to see what sick, twisted thing will happen next. The substance might not be in high quantity but some of it is there to see.