Image Of The Day 12/10/10

I'm Still Here (R) ★★★½

If Casey Affleck's absurdly goofy documentary -or is it a mockumentary?- I'm Still Here is a look into his step brother Joaquin Phoenix's downfall, it is also meant to not only mirror tragedy but has comic touches that are impeccably laid out in its framework. You see, this documentary is proof that Phoenix, no matter how crazy or goofy he might seem to look with his Hassidic-like beard, overgrown hobo hair and usual dark shades , is a master craftsman and quite possibly the best actor of his generation. I'm saying all this based on the fact that Affleck has personally come out recently and confirmed that this was in fact all an act and that even David Letterman was in on it when Phoenix had that legendarily awkward appearance on his show more than a year ago now. To say that Phoenix's performance is something to be seen is besides the point. He embodies a man that quite frankly was sick of all the consumerist bullshit that had surrounded him in Hollywood. His performance is that of a man trying to break the chains that are attached to him and follow his own road, whichever road that may be and in this case it's a considerably failed Hip Hop career. Good for him, now if only Oscar would listen up and give him a well deserved nomination. Then again I doubt that, I'm Still Here is as avant guard as American cinema comes to be.