Romance & Breillat

Catherine Breillat's Romance is not pornography. No matter what you hear people say about it, it is instead a film with a lot going for it. The main character that goes into a kind of transformative sexual odyssey is someone that is unhappy and unsatisfied with her dead-beat boyfriend, who's libido is practically non existent. Of course, she feels trapped and does not know what keeps her from escaping her relationship with him. It is however not surprising that we see this woman madly in love with a man that doesn't give her any attention because, well, he doesn't give her attention. It's all psychological and has gotten to her head. She's always been the one that's been chased but this time she's chasing the guy. Well, we of course as the viewer pull her for her to dump this schlub, yet she doesn't. However, because she can't let go, she does end up cheating on him through numerous sexual encounters which include her boss, a man she meets at a bar and a random street howler. I'm not encouraging this kind of behaviour nor am I encouraging what she does at the film's howlingly hilarious and interesting climax but hell, i had a blast which might give you an idea of my frame of mind or telling some of the folks condemning this film to not take it so damn seriously. It's another feminist, theoretical cinematic endeavour for Breillat and it reminds you of a time when she was making focused, real films instead of the fairy tales she's making now.