Megan Fox would be the perfect modern day silent movie star

Thinkin of somethin there honey?

Yea that's right you heard it here first. Didn't you ever feel like just telling Megan Fox to shut up and look beautiful? That's what she does in the new Eminem video & admirably well to tell you the truth. She acts but without uttering a single word & with a fervor that reminds you of some of the great Silent movie stars. If we were still in the golden age of Silent cinema (1920's-1930's) Megan Fox would be one of the most respected actresses on the silver screen. I'm not trying to insult the classic silent vixens that stamped their marks on le Septieme Art's history but hell, if Megan Fox -with her hypnotic eyes, luscious lips & curvy form- had no lines to recite and was told to overact every gesture and just look pretty, she'd already have an Academy Award in her bedroom.

I want Gooooooold
Remember Zasu Pitts? Star of Stronheim's Greed? She was pretty but the greedier she got with her lottery money, the more her eyes started having lines under them & the more unattractive she was becoming. It's a virtuoso performance that Fox could easily pull off with her dead on beauty and devilishly dark hair. the 360 change at the film's mid point could get pulled off by Megan, who was drop dead hot in Jennifer's Body. Ya dig? Or maybe you just don't agree & think I'm pulling your finger here with this whole thread, well I'm not. Fox is not a very talented actress but so were some of those we herald as great from the silent era. They were also beautiful and we did not have to hear a single word from them to understand the emotional angst they were getting at.

Mack and Keaton hush hushing

How about Marion Mack in Buster Keaton's The General. She didn't have to do much- then again in any Buster Keaton movie, you don't do much and step aside for -well- Buster Keaton. You see where I'm getting @ here? Megan Fox would pull it off also. Listen, I'm not trying to put down Keaton's Silent classic -it's one of my favourite pictures ever- but the times are different and acting has changed quite drastically since Keaton & Chaplin first stepped foot. The General is pure and simply Keaton's show. Some of the stuff he pulls off in the movie is practically impossible for stunt doubles to pull off til this very day. I'm astonished at how close he was to his death doing those stunts, but leaving the scene unharmed with no scratch to show was almost a miraculous thing.

Cry my darling, cry

Then there's Janet Gaynor's heartbreaking performance in Sunrise. From the first scene to the last, she had me at hello. It's one of the seminal female performances of the silent era and one that I feel Megan Fox can quite possibly pull off because it IS wordless. Would it be better than Gaynor's performance? No freaking way. Gaynor was born to play the role of the wife, who's husband is cheating on her and gets tempted by his mistress to drown her. It's not a mistake that Sunrise appears on many 'Greatest Movies' lists on a yearly basis. It has the biggest heart out of any Silent movie I've ever seen. Its swooning music is touching enough to make even the most manly of men weep. Now were getting into the more artful and delicate territory in the silent film era.

I can't see you but I can see you

How about having our friend Megan as one of Chaplin's muses? Chaplin always casted knockout bombshells to be his co stars. I can think of the blind flower girl in City Lights- Virginia Cherrill- or Paullette Goddard's Gamin in the great Modern Times. All great work by great women but something that requires beauty and over exaggeration, a specialty of Fox, who's work in Transformers & Jonah Hex was ruined by her uttering a word or line. No words are required here. Chaplin knew that emotion could be understood through gesture and through a single stare of the eyes. If he were still alive, he would want only the most attractive actress to convey all these incredible emotions beside him. He was completely enthralled -at times a bit too much- by women his entire life, to the point of womanization and abuse.

Miraculously alive. Falconetti in Passion Of Joan Of Arc.
Just don't try to think for a second Fox can replicate Maria Falconetti work of art performance in 1928's The Passion Of Joan Of Arc. There's enough visual reasoning to believe that Falconetti's performance was touched by something completely mythical and unexplainable. It's a cinematic high that not even our friend Megan can half duplicate. Falconetti went on through stringent and harrowing conditions to portray Joan Of Arc and make a mesmerizing portrayal out of it. Better luck next time Megan, but even your looks aren't cut out for this kind of serious business.