MacGruber kicks ass

MacGruber (R) ★★★

I guess you can take this with a grain of salt but I thoroughly enjoyed MacGruber's zaniness and oft kilter comedy so much that I can't recommend it highly enough. When it first came out I shrugged it off as another half assed comedy and ended up not watching it. It was Glenn Kenny's review over @ Some Came Running and then Bill Ryan's over @ his The Kind Of Face You Hate that made me decide to give it a shot. I'm not quite sure why this movie is funny, maybe its the fact that I truly believe its films writers were very stoned when writing the screenplay or just that the film's main character struck me as being highly retarded, in a politically incorrect kind of of way of course. Is there something wrong with me liking such an inordinate film? I guess not, considering I laughed harder @ this movie than any other in 2010.

I don't usually cuddle up to movies such as this one, especially one that is based off a Saturday Night Live skit, but MacGruber won me over with its cheap special effects, trippy writing and overtly retarded atmosphere. Yes, there I am using again the word retarded but it really just is. The plot in this film is as thin as air and the character development as cold as ice. I'm sure you remember my Piranha review which ran here around 2 weeks ago. This is not the same type of movie. In Piranha the sheer horrible aesthetics and stylish shortcomings made it a wonder to behold and incidentally funny. In MacGruber they actually want you to laugh and you do, very hard. The film is consumed with a mental retardation- there I said it again- that it takes pride in garnering. There isn't much else to say and Im sure this won't be for all tastes, but give it a shot.