The World According to Pheonix

When I first started to notice that Something was off with Joaquin Pheonix early last year, I wasn't alone. From his infamous appearance on David Letterman to his Hip Hop club gigs, the guy was clearly losing it. Well -in the same vein as Borat- he was being filmed the entire time for a documentary by Ben's brother Casey Affleck, Hoax? Is the joke on us? No idea but what I do know is that this should be an entertaining mocumentary about how one of the great actors of our generation -Watch Two Lovers !- completely lost his mind for the sake of art. The above image is the first poster available for the upcoming Doc coming out later this year. You can also find the aforementioned Letterman interview by clicking HERE & his unusual club gigs by clicking HERE. Or how about just renting one of last year's best films Two Lovers to see why he's one of the great actors of our generation.