Satisfaction & failure in 'Cyrus'

It takes a lot to make a person laugh but it takes even more to send out the laughs out with smarts. That's how I felt watching The Duplass Brothers' Cyrus Starring John C Reilly, Jonah Hill & Marisa Tomei- all perfectly cast & great. A look @ the plot, one might be reminded of Step Brothers. Remember that one? Will Ferrell and Reilly playing step brothers that don't get along? This one is totally different and has an indie vibe that actually brings realism with its hand held camera & eccentric tone. Tomei is a divorced mother to a son (Hill) that will do anything to get her away from her new goofy boyfriend (Reilly)- a rivalry happens between the two guys, mind games that are both comic and deceptively nasty. Despite a pat ending that comes out as a major letdown, Cyrus is that rare jewel in a sea of muck. It's coming out @ a time when most mainstream fare is disappointing and relentless, stupid and unoriginal. It is counterfare to the horrendous films being hammered down our throats for the mind numbing pleasure of teenagers & the immature. I guess you can say that I liked it.