It wasn't supposed to work but it did. Salt starring Angelina Jolie is a high wire act of suspense mixed in with breathless action & excitement to spare. It's one of the funnest times I've had in a theater all year- which says a lot about the quality of film in 2010. The plot is outrageous but it works because a competent director is at work here. Philip Noyce, the director of Rabbit Proof-Fence and The Quiet American, knows how to stage action- unlike Christopher Nolan, who's still learning the dos and dont's. He stages Jolie in the most over the top set pieces you will ever see, which is all part of the fun and why Salt is a a master class in action. It actually reminded me of the first time I saw Brian De Palma's Mission Impossible- a film which shares similar traits to Salt & which was a clear influence from top to bottom. Just a real blast all around.