Stuff I'm currently working on..

Just to give you guys an update on yours truly (I know, how selfish). I've started as a contributor over @ many thanks to the lovely Sasha Stone for giving me an opportunity to write for a web site I've respected & read for over 10 years. Here's the link to my first -of what will be many more POST. I'm also working on getting my voice out on local radio, Montreal station AM 1650, details are still being worked out but there will be more development (or so I hope) in the coming weeks. Finalement, come end of summer you can count on more written stuff in The Concordian. An exciting few months to come & I hope you will all share this ride with me.

Although it's been a very dry year for film, don't forget about the coming movie weekend where stuff like the acclaimed Winter's Bone starts to get a wider release. I'll make sure to catch that one asap, especially considering it looks less and less like your typical sundance film (& I do mean that as a good thing) + another thing that caught my attention this week is the lack of good movies out there @ the moment. I'm gonna write something soon about the sad state of movies in 2010 and what were the movies that didn't have the stench of failure.