Having seen this new Atom Egoyan picture, I'm not quite sure exactly what he was reaching for here. This is a remake of a French film that was much better and intriguing than Egoyan's attempt @ the erotic thriller. Then again the story he has is juicy and hypnotic. In other words his source material is actually much more interesting than the execution he commits in Chloe.

There are things that work here, especially Julliane Moore as an undersexed wife that gets turned on by her husband getting it on with a hooker in secret- Chloe (Amanda Seyfried). I bow down to Moore's thrown anytime I see a performance, she is in fact one of the great actresses around and doesn't have an average performance in her.

The problem I got with Egoyan these days is not necessarily the stories he chooses -he always has something interesting up his sleeve - it's actually the way that he executes his stories in such predictable ways that infuriates me and makes on remember that his last great picture was 1997's The Sweet Hereafter. Remember that one? Risk taking is not in his vocabulary anymore & -after watching yet another letdown- I think it's time for him to think everything over.