Banksy & his Images + a short/concise review of 'Exit Through Gift Shop'

Graffiti has polarized many people in our modern age, which is why Exit Through Gift Shop's first half was so damn fun and vibrant. The second half turns into maudlin satirical stabs @ the art world but it nevertheless led me to seek out some of the astonishing Graffiti I saw on display during the film's first 45 or so minutes. There is so much more than just these but I picked some of my favorites.

What you see here is Graffiti art featured in the film & which has stayed etched in my memory, up until I finally had the chance to write to you about it. BANKSY is the main artist featured here -same thing as in the documentary- but I've added a few other astounding images that will surely make an impression on you from various different artists. They are socially relevant to the times and have a clear rebellious message imported with their stylistic flourishes.

Of course some of these Graffiti artists plaster their art on walls just for the fun of it & for a rebellious notion that they can break the law & damage legal property- but then there's something like the art portrayed below which was drawn on the infamous wall that separates the state of Israel and Palestinian territory That infamous wall does not need any explanation but what you see is something that is extremely risky and rebellious in its execution.

A stated above, not a very good film but nevertheless one that has opened up its doors to me with its world of fearless artists taking risks for the sake of their own art. Now why in the hell would I not support such a cause? If only the film was an hour shorter I might have recommended it but I say just search some of this stuff it's much more interesting than viewing the documentary about it.