3 Summer movies that actually look interesting & not horrible

Now that Robin Hood and Iron Man 2 failed to live up to the hype- I'm ready to proclaim the rest of the 2010 summer movie season one of the worst in a very long time. (& were only a month in) Is there anything coming out that actually has the potential to be this year's first real Oscar contender? Christopher Nolan's Inception is the only worthy looking candidate but there are 2 others that will try to stand out as diamonds in the ruff and have my curiosity peeked. I'm not necessarily looking for serious artistic fare but even the blockbusters look dreadful. I mean who seriously wants to watch A-Team with no Mr. T? Cruise and Diaz in Knight & Day or Angelina Jolie trying to be a female Jason Bourne in Salt & Stallone trying to revitalize his dead career in The Expandables? Summer 2010 will surely have surprises up its sleeve but they will likely come from the independant circuit and not the Hollywood mainstream.

Inception (July 16th 2010)
Here's the film I'm most looking forward to this summer. From gifted filmmaker Christopher Nolan, who's already made Memento, The Dark Knight & The Prestige in his short but illustrious career. His new movie -Inception- has the mind bending potential to invent a new genre of cinema and kick start the Oscar race this season. Leonardo Dicaprio stars in a movie with so much hype around it that nobody has a clue what the hell it's about.

Toy Story 3 (June 18th 2010)
Why wouldn't I pick this one. It's pixar (Wall E/The Incredibles/Finding Nemo) and the first two Toy Story movies knocked me out for a loop. I'm not sold on it being in 3d, in fact I'm ready to watch this one sans the goofy glasses. The only down side? It's the third film of the series & I have yet to see a third film from any film franchise that has eclipsed the original(s). Then again if it's half as good as the first two, I'll be a happy camper. Look for this one to take Best Animated feature @ this years Oscars.

Middle Men (August 6th 2010)
George Gallo's Middle Men starring Giovanni Ribisi & Luke Wilson has sleeper hit written all over it. Its far out premise about how Porn was being sold to the mainstream in 1995 (pre Internet) has enough interest sneaking up on me. Advanced reviews have been great with Rolling Stone and Variety already raving about it. Gallo -a relative newbie in the field of directing- mixes his love for Scorsese in every frame of this ridiculously vulgar movie. I'm sold.