Stupid decision

If you haven't heard, longtime film critic Todd McCarthy was let go by Variety just a few hours ago. This is a real shock to me- being a man that has always looked for work in the industry as a film writer. This is yet another blow to Film Criticism as a whole, which is starting to look more and more like a dying breed (let us not get into that today) To think that in the past few years, some of my favourites film writers have lost their jobs in -what are- essential and important publications. McCarthy leaving Variety is in fact the Publication's loss- He was one of the few @ that place that actually had the cred and experience to back up his opinions on Film. I've been reading the guy's stuff since the 90's and have read archival writings of his all the way up to the 80's. If you guys haven't heard about another controversial move Variety has been in the last few days, here's another scathing EXAMPLE.