Before I EMO myself to oblivion..

I'd like offer my sincerest apologies for not updating the blog as much as I should- the last few weeks have been pretty damn hectic but I plan on coming back on my usual routine of updating it daily (It will happen sooner than you think). & no I don't have much to say about that snooze fest called the Oscars which happened last night in La La land. In fact- I ended up watching a hockey game instead and only tuned to the last half an hour when the serious stuff was happening aka no flying ballerinas w/enya music and commemorative honors. It's no surprise that it's like this every year and that the show only seems to be getting worse- especially the choosing of hosts which last night might have reached the pinnacle of bad.

In other news I'm gonna be watching Shutter Island tomorrow and will give my full report whenever I find the time (hopefully the day of..) & I will hopefully be catching Audiard's Un Prophete, which is getting ridiculously good reviews from New York and LA's press. Stay tuned for that & hope to hear from my fellow followers in the days to come-