Nothing and everything

If only there was something worth watching or something to look forward to. So far 2010 -the start of a new decade- has been limp with not a single good movie to brag about. Then again I expected it, especially after a busy November and December. Nothing good will come out at least until February 19th -that is unless you look forward to that new flick Valentine's Day- when Martin Scorsese's Shutter Island is set to embark nationwide.

A Scorsese picture is an event for any movie buff. I am an avid follower of his -like anybody else- and believe the advance buzz this one has been getting. I recently caught his take on Celebrity fame, 1983's King Of Comedy starring an incredible Robert Deniro and a deranged Sandra Bernahrd as celebrity stalkers and end of civilization like people. It's an overlooked gem in Scorseses' canon and definitely worth a look for all its twisted narrative turns and a self referential Jerry Lewis mocking himself & his celebrity.

It's culture shock for anybody to see Deniro and Bernhard talking Lewis and asking for a ransom (a spot on his show) but like anything Scorsese does this is still a relevant and scary funny look on our society and the twistedness -if that even is a word- of fame.