Best Leo Dicaprio performance?

With Shutter Island out in theatres and many coming out of it polarized by its thematic and scorsesian reach- I wouldn't mind taking the time looking back on what you think are THE best performances of Dicaprio's career thus far. He's been in 4 Scorsese's and they all deserve high praise (although I'm excluding Shutter Island since I haven't seen it yet). I've decided to choose 3 performances that have highlighted what is so far an incredible career in Hollywood acting- the type that will only gain a better reputation as the years go along. what are your favourite Dicaprio's?

What's Eating Gilbert Grapes?
Playing a mentally challenged kid is not easy. & an all too young Dicaprio proved how effortless a talent can make it look, In Lasse Hallstrom's exquisite character piece.

The Aviator
Dicaprio nailed the Howard Hughes experience as Scorsese tackled far ranging issues such as high class society, corrupt government & Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

The Departed
His best movie thus far is also one of his best performances thus far. Dicaprio nailed the role of an undercover agent sneaking into the Irish mob and their ringing leader played by Jack Nicholson.