What If? Bullock and Oscar?

Sandra Bullock actually pulls it off at this years Oscars and wins Best Actress? Surely there were more deserving nominees this year -I can think Of Mulligan, Sidibe, Cornish & Streep- but when all is said and done, this might be the same case as it was in 2001, when Julia Roberts won for her mildly strong performance in Erin Brokovich. It's a case of love for the actress more than love for the performance.

Trust me, I have seen Blind Side & it is not a performance as deserving as the actresses already mentioned here. I'll take all this buzz towards Bullock with a grain of salt and hope the academy gives the award to the deserving actress -any of the four would do. Then again if anybody say the Golden Globes, they saw a humble Bullock winning Best Actress & giving a very gracious speech. Peter Travers is already calling her the winner of the Oscar & I'm sitting here writing this, about to gag.