Scorsese, Greengrass & Polanski

Usually the Hollywood machine releases all the stuff they want to get rid of in the first months of the new year- January to April is usually a wasteland of these sorts of picture. 2010 might be an exception, as Martin Scorsese, Roman Polanski & Paul Greengrass -3 singular directors- are releasing new stuff in the next month or two. Which begs me to ask the question, which is highest on your list?

I'm a Scorsese nut so I'm drooling over Shutter Island- which was delayed last year due unknown circumstances (Scorsese claimed the film needed more editing). I know a few people that have already seen it and are considering it high on the Oscar contenders list for 2011 ! woah there cowboys, don't go too ahead of yourselves but nevertheless Scorsese's been on a roll lately with stuff like The Departed and Gangs Of New York already classic stuff in my books.

Roman Polanski -on the other hand- hasn't had much to offer since his triumphant Pianist came out 7 years ago. He missed the mark with his follow up, Oliver Twist, remember that one? I didn't think so, the above trailer is his new movie and -although it has a kind of State Of Play feel to it- I'm looking forward to watching his new movie, remember kids this is the guy that gave us Chinatown 35 years ago.

Last but certainly not least is another director that made his mark in the past decade with THE best post 9/11 movie around United 93. Greengrass' style is very influential -with its handheld camera and add type editing- but I'm looking forward to him reuniting with his Bourne star Matt Damon, in a movie that pushes the questions of the Iraq war.

In the coming days I'll be releasing my 20 favourite movies of 2009 and then we'll be looking ahead to a new decade of movies and a new batch of hopefuls that will want to take a bite out of Oscar.