Leone and The Arcade Fire

This is one of the best things I've seen on Youtube. Sergio Leone's classic backed up by my favourite current band as we speak- The Arcade Fire. The blend is pure and simply amazing and the video deserves the close to 2 million hits it has received since its posting. I'm actually quite surprised that whenever I talk about this video I don't always get a person that knows this band or any song from them. It's time to get with the program people ! You are missing out on some of the best Rock and Roll of the past decade.

The blend of cinema and music here is just very fitting, as fitting as putting on Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon w/ The Wizard Of Oz. Every sound and gesture dances with the music in the background. & If you haven't already heard the Fire's Neon Bible, check it out. Very cinematic also and terrifyingly beautiful in its delivery.