James Cameron's Avatar (4/5) has already made 1.4 Billion dollars in 24 days, that's a record and a sense of the crazed mania happening in theatres these days towards Cameron's latest opus. Does it deserves everything it is getting? considering it is a breakthrough in cinematic visual, I'd say yes. The technological achievements are major and only near the end do they wear thin to an unoriginal plot.

You see, Avatar's story is not very well realized nor is it very involving but watching it in 3D makes it a one of a kind experience that cannot be shaken when you leave the theatre. It is very flawed with its limp dick story but a complete breakthrough with its visual images that pop out at you like nothing else seen before it's release. Especially the scenes that take place in Pandora- home of the Na'avi & glowing with colour and fierce light that crowns a nation of blue. Guess what? as much as the story sucks, there's no denying the breakthrough that Cameron has created here. He basically gives the finger to the industry and sets his own rules as far as to what he can and cannot do. As far as we are concerned we are now living in a post-Avatar industry of movie making, whether that is a pleasant thought or not (It isn't necessarily to me)

It's going to change everything and anything in terms of 3D and movies in general. Deny it all you want but that is basically what it has come down to. Sure, its final 40 minutes start to die down the exuberance of its first 2 hours but there is an incredible adrenaline rush in watching something that is new and completely fresh on screen. Cameron has never been about dialogue, he's always been about visuals. He has a talent to make his movies look great and visually rich. just think of his classic movies (T1, T2, Titanic, Aliens) those movies could easily be watched with a mute button and you could still experience the hell out of it- The images mattered more than the words. He has made a movie that demands to be seen on a big screen with goofy looking 3D glasses, which is one of the reasons why people are actually churning out their hard earned cash instead of just settling for the illegal download or official DVD (whenever that is out)

If there is one movie that I have seen in 2009 that should and will be called groundbreaking in the years to come, this is it. A flashy, flawed, hokey, visionary epic made by a man that was once king of the world and getting back that title as we speak.