If it's still playing..

Paranormal Activity (B+) is a fun time @ the movies. No need to reveal this cheapie's secrets, just go and see it. Made for a measly 30,000$ budget, it captures the kind of imagination horror movies have been missing in recent years, sure it looks a bit like The Blair Witch Project but just like that former movie it has imagination to spare and doesn't rely on any special effects to creep its audience out. It's a breath of fresh air in an industry polluted by mindless and overdone product. I love how it plays with your imagination til the very end & how the filmmakers had the courage to stick to a non conventional style and go with it til the every end. This is definitely not Hostel or These Hills Have Eyes- It is not at the least bit gory and fries your nerves in eloquent sand surprising ways. That's right, I mentioned Hostel and Eloquent in the same sentence.