'Up In The Air'

George Clooney`s character in Up In The Air fires people for a living.

He doesn`t seen to mind it and has a real charm when doing it, which says a lot about his performance given our hard times with the economic structure and the countless layoffs happening everywhere. Not only does Clooney succeed in capturing his character but he does it in such a loose, Cary Grant like feel.

Jason Reitman -the director of this movie- has made a relevant film for our times, dealing with many themes and emotions. It helps Reitman has a stellar cast including Vera Farmiga -as Clooney`s love interest- & Anna Kendrick as his assistant. This is a screenplay filled with good air and good vibes and looks like it was made by real pros that want to infuse as much heart.

Of course the performances are top notch but the real grabber is Reitman`s screenplay -second best to the Coens`A Serious Man this year- which grabbed my attention from start to finish. There are surprises that completely caught me off guard and will likely do the same to you.

Reitman mixes footage of emotional real life employees that lost their job, with a great montage of a wedding ceremony all the way to an exuberant surprising mix of revelations at its climactic end. It all seems out of place but it works and puts Up In The Air right up there with the best movies I`ve seen this year.