My infamous editor- Part Deux

It's been a while I haven't written about him and now is I guess the best time, considering he's edited my new reviews for this week's The Concordian, which can be read HERE & HERE. First things first, this is a bit less enraging than what he did a month ago in a post I will refrain from posting again, due to my highly hidden anger. The only unholy edit I can think of this time around is putting the word Masterfully in my review of L'affaire Farewell, which is far from Masterful filmmaking and -in fact quite conventional in its storytelling. Given the tone of my review it is however solid stuff. Anywho, you can read my stuff in the links above- two interesting french movies that I reccomend if they every play in your area and that should be coming out in Montreal in the following week. Both featuring solid central performances and both quite different from each other- One slapstick/ One political thriller.