McCarthy's universe in "The Road"

Author Cormac McCarthy has always had a very bleak view of our society. Yes Jordan, Please say something I don't know & multiply it by 100. I'm not sure what that means but suffice to say his novel -The Road- was hailed when released a few years back as one of the great American Novels and has garnered a wide following. If you don't know McCarthy, he's the brains behind No Country For Old Men, which in turn became a masterful Coen Brothers movie 2 years ago.

The Road (3.5/5) can only be described as Apocalyptic. Its subject is so vast and ambitious but its resonance is that of the love between father and son. The world has reached an Apocalyptic state and not many are left- Food is in very short supply, animals are completely extinct & those that are alive have become Cannibals, in search of next prey.

Viggo Mortenson is the father and newcomer Kodi-Smith Mcphee plays the son. Their bond is what sustains the movie and gives it its heart, without that bond this might as well be 2012. Not to even compare it to that film, this is a whole different monster and is the opposite of what a disaster movie usually brings in typical mainstream Hollywood. Not much goes on but everything does. It might as well have been divided into chapters, considering the numerous encounters Father and Son encounter while trying to survive, heck even Robert Duval shows up as a 90 year old wise man that comes in peace.

Although this is powerful and moving stuff, it never reaches the peak of its landmark novel. The hopeful ending doesn't feel right- especially after all the darkness that has come before it. But that's just the ending, the resonance Viggo brings is stellar and if there ever was an actor that could pull of a Tour De Force performance such as this one, it's him.