Best Of The Decade: 2000-2009: Foreign Film

Maribel Vardu in Alfonso Cuaron's mesmerizing Y Tu Mama Tambien

Not only was it a premiere decade for Foreign Language film but it also produced some of the best most exciting movies around. I'm thinking of Alfonso Cuarron who's Y Tu Mama Tambien -which tops my list- and Fernando Mereilles, an eagerly wanted director in Hollywood, who started off with a microscopic budget to make the gangster classic City Of God. Want More? Guillermo Del Toro -director of the upcoming Hobbit- bursting out his imagination to create visual miracles in -the miraculous- Pan's Labyrinth. Every single director on my list has been sought out by Hollywood to direct- most have agreed some have declined the offer and decided to stay in the independent system to fully enhance their own vision. Forget starting from the bottom and heading up to the top- here's the ten best Foreign Language movies from 1-20. A decade which was the best for Foreign cinema in close to three decades and featured the further education of Mainstream audiences to these fine films by building solid fan fare for art house cinema.

1) Y Tu Mama Tambien
2) Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
3) Cache/Hidden
4) City Of God
5) Spirited Away
6) Amelie
7) Old Boy
8) Maria Full Of Grace
9) Pan's Labyrinth
10) Downfall & Un Conte De Noel
11) The Diving Bell And The Butterfly
12) Atanarjuat/The Fast Runner
13) L'Emplois Du Temps
14) Apocalypto
15) The Barbarian Invasions
16) Swimming Pool
17) Les Triplettes De Belleville
18) The Motorcycle Diaries
19) Tell No One
20) 4 Months, 3 Weeks And 2 Days