Want something scary for Halloween?

Trick R Treat is THE movie this Halloween season. Forget about the 256th Saw movie and catch this movie asap. Just don't go looking for it in theatres- especially since the movie was moved from its original theatrical release to a straight to DVD route. why? I'm without answer, so are fan boys online -whom have been drooling and praising over this movie the past week. The movie's distributor -Warner Brothers- will likely suffer from having pulled this highly entertaining movie from theatres but will likely get muchos benefits from a sparse dvd release. Make no mistake about it- Trick R Treat is camp but it's a campy blast, filled with one liners that will likely be uttered in halloween's to come.

I won't give away the juicy details -4 interlocked horror stories-but I will mention there's something highly amusing in watching a deranged, hobo looking Brian Cox fighting a Halloween demon called Sam or watching a virginized Anna Paquin reveal a part of herself she's always been ashamed of or -better yet- Dylan Baker as a highly sadistic dad that is out for blood on Halloween night. Baker & Cox gives the best performances in a movie filled with humor and shock-the fact that these 2 talented actors are in it is reason enough to watch this movie. I can see myself watching these tales every Halloween and so will the viewer.