Thoughts on Letterman & his past

What I saw last night on Letterman was unlike anything I have seen on the format that we all know to be called Late Night Television. A grown man -TV host David Letterman- admitted to having sex with his staff & went on to recount the bizarre extortion/blackmail he has gone through during the past few days. It is not secret that I am a fan of Letterman and his -shall I say- chronically eccentric comedy & to tell you the truth my reaction to all this is not as layered and complex as others make it out to be. So what if he had sex with his staff? Is he not allowed to? I think it's more shocking that he was extorted to the point where he was fearing for his family's 'safety and well being'. Since this is a mostly cinematic blog and I rarely talk of the dying breed known as Prime Time Television- I do have to say that I am an avid fan of David Letterman & it is one of the few shows left that I actually have a chuckle at every so often. Below is a kind of greatest hits to Letterman's shining -or awkwardly hilarious- moments of glory.

Edit-& I do find it kind of smarmy- whatever that means- that right wing media is ahving a feast on this, especially Drudge, because there really isn't much substance here to garner any controversy or -as the french say- Scandale to the whole affair.

In which he takes the joke known as Paris Hilton & tortures her poor bubble gum soul to the point of sheer exhilaratingly hilarious cringe worthiness. So much so that Hilton ends up having watery eyes & proclaiming that Letterman is making her 'sad' by not leaving alone her stint at the 'slammmer'. This is one of the great interviews of the past 20 years, can't miss.

Ah yes, the days when Maddonna was all over the news & fucking every possible basketball player alive. Letterman does the same thing he did to Hilton; mocks and chuckles at our supposed societal 'Role Models' & inflicts insult after insult to prove his point. Mind you, lowkey inslut after lowkey insult. Another essential Letterman interview.