The Polanski Dilemma

Has there been a more politically polarizing film figure than him this year? I am not writing this to state an epic opinion or to share a belief. It's just that it is so easy accusing someone that sides with Polanski as being Pro Rape or Anti Judicial System. Fact of the matter is very simple -at least on my part it is- Should he be found viably guilty for what he's done? of course, rape should never happen & is a serious cause for consequence But of course, and I know you saw this coming- it's been 30+ years and I'm sick and tired of hearing about Polanski. Mind you, some people don't even realize that he's already spent jail time for his crime and that the reason he escaped The U.S was because of the biased treatment he was getting over there. Mind you, He settled into France where 'Les Artistes' are championed & seen as heroic, no matter how corrupt or devious they are.

I do think people are defending him solely based on who he is and -not to mention- all the excessively devastating things he's gone through in life-Having his pregnant wife murdered by Charles Manson, escaping a Nazi concentration camp during WW2 & Having his mother killed in the Holocaust (Yikes, talk about Psych 101.) I'm gonna refrain from talking about this case again & let you decide your own opinion. It's a tricky thing talking about it - especially with everyone up at arms & coming up with all sorts of clueless conclusions. Yes, that's right, clueless. Let's all settle down here and talk about movies instead of sending out threatening letters to people who voice an opinion such as fellow writers Sasha Stone or Glenn Kenny. That's what pisses me off, not the fact that Polanski is currently in jail but the fact that we cannot even voice our opinions without being scolded and personally attacked.