A look at mainstream infamy

I am so used to watching one ambitious film after the next that I never really stumble upon stuff from the mainstream or from Hollywood. On Friday I went with my Girlfriend to see Love Happens- which was just plain bad. I didn't know Hollywood had it this bad in making a simple Rom com that tries to tug @ the heartstrings. I had no idea that such a lazy script could exist and that such inessential direction was out there. Then I came to the horrible thought that maybe -just maybe- there are more movies out there such as this one & that I am just not seeing them for the sole reason that I am not interested & would rather check out strange, non mainstream fare. To tell you the truth I saw a movie called Love Actually 6 years ago that was actually -shock- a decent romantic comedy from the Hollywood machine & one that made money because word of mouth spread out that it was actually good.

All this is in some shape or form relates to this year's (500) Days Of Summer, which -unlike Love Happens- was fresh air & portrayed a relationship in a truer, more realistic way than anything else out there. Take everything I have just said and put into account that the two best movies I`ve seen so far this year -The Hurt Locker & An Education- you have likely never heard of them or even read about them anywhere or seen a movie commercial. Such is the sad state of film today. Take into consideration a scene from Love Happens- which finds Jennifer Aniston falling for a widowed man played by Aaron Eckhart, as a form of self theraphy Eckhart decides to release caged doves that he and his wife had through many yers of marriage. The scene is so clumsy and infuriatingly bad that you cannot believe it actually happening & you wonder who wrote this stuff.

I`m actually quite happy that I went through this entire post without uttering a single swear word or angry grammar mistake. If anything, it`s shown you that -yes- I do give chances to Hollywood stuff that`s out in the multiplex and that -no- I am not yet impressed and will furthermore concentrate on scattered more unfindable fare that`s out there at the moment. Just my 2 cents of course.