'Il Ne Reste Rien A Faire'

I don't really know how to explain the finale to Francois Truffaut's Les Quatres Cents Coups- mostly because this is an instant where images are much more powerful than words, but here goes nothing. All throughout the movie you witness the Anti Hero -a boy named Antoine- running from the law. The final scene, shot in a limited few takes has Antoine running away from reform school. You're not sure where's he's headed, with the police on his back & his parents as uncaring as any. The movie starts taking a melancholic but pessimistic turn as you realize where he's going is in fact nowhere- because there's no where else to go. In these final 5 minutes, we are witness to so many things that originate with isolation and the toll it takes on children. Doinel's only real escape in life was the cinema and the poignant last shot of the film does not demean this fact & you are asked with the same question the protagonist is asking- what's next?

Edited 5pm; I didn't intend this be a review of the film, just a snippet of what I consider to be an amazing/abrupt ending to such a unique and groundbreaking film. I do want to pinpoint a noteworthy addition to this whole piece and its the way his parents are portrayed in the film. Everyone has their own ways of looking at their caring for Antoine but what Truffault tends to repeatedly show -in a very low key way- is how they are partially responsible for his demise.