'The Wizard Of Oz' @ NYFF

'Lovingly restored and entirely remastered, with six times higher resolution than standard DVD' The Wizard Of Oz will be closing out the 47th annual New York Film Festival in a special way this month. A festival which will include new stuff like Lars Von Trier's puzzling Antichrist, Pedro Almodovar's Broken Embraces & Festival Favourite Precious. Know what? Chances are none will be better than Victor Fleming's 1939 classic featuring a Dorothy trying to imagine there truly is 'no place like home'. Some complain the movie hasn't aged well -no kidding, its 70 years old- but it's still got a bigger heart than any other movie out there. Childhood memories flood my brain whenever I think of this cherished classic & its undeniable influence among young and old.

all around will also be pleased by its new crisp restoration and its -still- unexpected flow to Pink Floyd's The Dark Side Of The Moon. It's so deliriously joyful that I'd go as far as calling it a campy delight- meant as a compliment of course. The sheer fact that a movie this old is still getting fans of all generations and ages alike is remarkable- I cannot think of another movie that has had this much of a following over 7 decades ! Its imagination is one of a kind with its talking lions, singing munchkins, flying monkeys & green faced witch- stoners rejoice ! An Image that will always resonate with me is that of Dorothy saying farewell to her friends as she finally finds her way home & seeks a better life in Kansas. Tapping her shoes and repeating 'There's no place like home'. So good.