A visionary decade/ An Animated recap

With the release of Entertainment Weekly's 20 best animated movies- I've decided to chime in on what I think is an interesting list. First off any list with Spirited Away & Wall-E is on the right track. Then I see titles like Coraline, Ghost In The Shell & Waltz With Bashir- not impressed. Where's Richard Linklater's groundbreaking Waking Life or the underrated Pixar, Ratatouille? Then again this list-like any other- will spark debate over its merits and selection. The best animated movies like the ones I'm about to list below have a maturity that can please both adults and kiddies alike. I'm reminded of that scene in Shrek where Donkey and the Ogre make fun of the King's hmm how shall I say this, size. A risky joke that only an adult audience could get.

The past decade has been astoundingly rich in animation and has given me the urge to compile my first -of what would be plenty- 'List Of The Decade'. If I had to choose ten distinctive titles that have advanced the animation form, I'd choose -in no particular order- Richard Linklater's groundbreaking Waking Life, Nick Park & Peter Lord's Chicken Run, Andrew Stanton's Wall-E & Finding Nemo, Brad Bird's Pixar treats The Incredibles & Ratatouille, Andrew Adamson & Vicky Jensen's Shrek + two foreign films- Sylvain Chomet's sublime Les Triplettes De Belleville & The best Animated movie I've ever seen -drumroll please- Hayao Miyazaki's Spirited Away.