Runaway Dream

This is one of the stronger movies I've seen this year. It's simple yet utterly groundbreaking. Never has a movie been made about Dominican ball Players. I've always wondered how Dominicans pave their way to the Majors & how they are discovered in such a small country. Sugar will surely be touted as a 'Sports Movie' but it isn't- it's an immigrant story set in a Baseball environment. Filmmakers Anna Boden & Ryan Fleck made Half Nelson in 2006 - A movie that showed promies but felt amateurish and didn't succeed in its believability. This movie feels more real & more vital in its depiction. It achieves a kind of transendence that is very rare in movies today- in fact the last 20 minutes are as good as any movie ive seen this year (And yes I'm even Including Inglorious Basterds' hilariously bloody 'Death To The Nazi's' climax). Part of the reason this movie is so damn good is its screenplay written by Bolden & Fleck but there's also an amazing performance by newcomer Algenis Perez Soto as the titular character- his performance is so good that he's probably gonna get ignored come Oscar time and that's the best compliment I can ever give an actor.