Polanski Arrested

I'm not entirely happy as to what has just happened to Roman Polanski- he has been in exile for close to 3 decades now but for fucks sake give it a rest. Is it really that hard? Anyways Here's the NEWS STORY. Maybe a little justice will be rewarded in the coming days between French and American Governments. If anything, I'm pissed at the fact it was Swiss authorities that brought him in. What the fuck do they have to do this with any of this? This is mind boggling stuff and even more so due to the fact that Polanski was trying to Legalize his way back to the U.S with his lawyer. I know this isn't the last we hear of this story- just like it isn't the last we hear of the Innocent Texan that was executed not too long ago right before later evidence would find him almost entirely not guilty of the crime he committed. Please don't get me started on that one.

*I'll be back on Tuesday with a recap of the year so far & an unusually late review of Kathryn Bigelow's Hurt Locker (which corresponds quite well to the hellish circumstances of war). I haven't had the time to post as much lately because of the beginning of the semester but I'm planning on writing a little bit more in October- especially with the Film Fest happening and an unusually high number of quality movies to come. Have a good sunday !*