The Beatles & Cinema

With last week's subsequent re-release of The Beatles' entire remastered discography & my constant listening of their incredible Abbey Road during the past few days- I am reminded of the way The Beatles have been portrayed on celluloid. Especially Across The Universe, a mauling disappointment from 2 years ago that -yes- brought upon a new generation of fans but had a very limited storyline set during Vietnam protests in the late 60's. I've always been a fan of Julie Taymor's- a visionary filmmaker that deserved a better script than the one note final product she got. I cannot finish this rant without mentioning the awkward cameo by Bono that portrays -of all people- The Walrus and butchers a beautiful Beatles Song. If Across The Universe is not a good movie, A Hard Day's Night -released in 1964 & inspired by the cinema verite doc Lonely Boy- has aged tremendously well and shows the band in the middle of a true hysteria of screaming fans.