'Artful distastefulness'

Although already on DVD, there's a new Blu Ray release of Snakes On A Plane. See it only if you want to laugh your ass off at the sight of a snake biting the dick off a poor man or the sight of watching Sam Jackson spurt out 'I'm sick of these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane'. This is a film that belongs in a genre I like to call 'Cinematic Retardation'. Every scene and every damn line is so overblown and so bad that you can't help but feel a little iffy & entertained by its delightful distastefulness. It's been 3 years since I've seen the film - I haven't remembered much- and to tell you the truth writing about it doesn't necesarilly make me want to watch it again. But I just wanted to let you know there is a crowd out there for this type of movie and there are people that will buy the disc when it comes out today. I'm not one of them but if this movie is ever on television on a night in which I'm extremely bored & inebriated, I will unashamedly watch it.

Also out on DVD and Blu Ray today is the immensely insulting excuse for an Indie Dramedy Away We Go, which oddly enough was directed by American Beauty's Sam Mendes -who's been on a slow decline ever since that Academy Award Winning movie came out exactly 10 years ago. In fact His first 2 movies are still his only great ones -I'm also counting Road To Perdition which features one of the best Paul Newman Performances ever !- and I was not very impressed with Jarhead or Revolutionary Road, which contained too much self importance for there own good. Come to think of it, Away We Go as lots of self Importance going for it & I do not mean that as a compliment. On a positive side there's Steven Sodebergh's raw & hilarious The Girlfriend Experience -starring porn star Sasha Grey- and The 70th Anniversary Edition of The Wizard Of Oz (which was reviewed right Here for the NYFF).