'Wendy & Lucy' -Nothing but Everything-

Ive seen Wendy And Lucy twice now & I am quite convinced there is no movie out there like it. Whether you should take this as a compliment depends entirely on your own taste in general. The plot is simple. Girl loses dog in the middle of nowhere, girl looks for dog. That's it, that's all. It's not just a simple movie it's minimalist stuff reminiscent of the French new wave of the 60's. The girl-Wendy- is played by Michelle Williams & what a performance it is. It's a crying shame nobody is talking about how good she is in this film & only refer to her as the Dawson's Creek girl or Heath Ledger's wife. She doesn't have much dialogue- her performance is almost entirely silent yet she speaks so much with just a gesture or two & she possibly has the best closeups Ive seen in a very long time.

This is one of those instances where I can use the term 'nothing happens but everything happens' because that's it in a nutshell. Many will hate the movie just for the sole reason that nothing happens- well maybe that's the point. Its relevance is quietly affecting- Williams' Wendy is stranded in a middle of nowhere America that cannot help you because they need help themselves. With no economic growth & no future in hand, the America portrayed by director Kelly Reichardt -who did Old Joy- is with no promise, no futility & no optimism. There are scenes of startling beauty in this 80 minute film & Ill be the first to admit that some of it drags. You see, whenever a director experiments or tries to make a highly original piece of work such as this one, there will be faults. No matter, it's quite a feat to have this movie around- especially in the MTV age of fast cutting & what I refer to as ADD type editing. In fact Id love for our school systems to purposely attach students by the chair and make them watch this film- it'd be quite the arduous trip for their warped little minds.